Arduino Day

March 29, 2015

Yesterday we went to Arduino Day at MIT and learned what is coming down the Arduino pipeline.

Massimo Banzi announced two main things.  First, soon you will be able to access the Arduino IDE through your web browser.  This looks really cool.

Secondly, Arduino is working on a modular or plug and play system named Eslov.  This would make it easier and quicker for people to make devices.


We also saw a demo of the Yun by Tom Igoe and a demo of  Temboo  both of which were amazing.

Temboo is an easy way to interface a lot of API’s like Dropbox, Yahoo Weather, NOAA and works well with the Arduino Yun. In the demo a service called Nexo was used to access a cellphone.  You put your Nexmo credentials into Temboo and Temboo creates all the Arduino code for you right then, just upload it to your Arduino.

In the demo a distance sensor was used to trigger the Arduino which then called the cell phone by going through Temboo & Nexmo.  A button was pushed on the phone to respond to the call and this triggered an led to light up on the Arduino.  Very interesting stuff.


Arduino Day

March 28, 2015

ArduinoWhat are you doing for Arduino Day?

Use code ARDUNIODAY at Adafruit.com for a 10% discount.

Sparkfun is also discounting Arduino items up to 30%.


Official website and where to find events near you.




Starter Kit

March 8, 2015

I’ve created a starter kit for a young girl’s birthday present.

I included the speaker for one of the projects in the book and the photosresistor because it is an easy way to see cause and effect.  The ABC (Arduino Basic Connections Book) is excellent and from an Indiegogo campaign by pighixx.  I can’t find the book anymore, but his website is excellent and has mostly the same info. http://www.pighixxx.com

Have I missed anything or is there something else you would include?

1. Arduino Uno
2. Super Sylvia’s Awesome Project Book 2
3. Arduino Basic Connections book
4. Hookup Wire
5. Red, green & yellow 5mm LEDs
6. Half size and small bread board
7. 150 oh, 1k & 10k resistors
8. 10k potentiometer aka pot
9. Photoresistor
10. Breadboard friendly pushbuttons
11. Breadboard friendly speaker
12. 6xAA battery holder with plug soldered (it comes un soldered)
13. Cable to connect USB to Arduino

Click through for some photos

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Arduino Day

February 27, 2015

Arduino Day is coming on 3/28/15.  Find an activity near you.

Arduino Day 2015



February 15, 2015

Wanting a clock for my work area, I made one using a ChronoDot RTC , or real time clock, and a 7 segment display.  I had the box custom 3d printed on Makexyz.com.  The lid slides off, out the back.

I used an old Arduino Deumilanove because I will need to change the time for daylight savings and want an easy way to do that.  If I had used one of my stand alone Arduinos, that would mean removing the chip and putting in another Arduino and then updating the time from the computer.  This way I can just connect the clock to the computer without the need to remove the chip.

I also added a light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the display.


JeeNodes Update

December 7, 2014

Last year for Christmas I gave my sister a green house monitor made out of 2 JeeNodes and LCD screen and some leds.  See the post  about it here.   Basically a JeeNode is a small Arduino with a radio added.JeeNode v6 -2

I works great, but the battery life on the JeeNode in the greenhouse didn’t last long.  Reportedly it lasted 2 to 3 days. This year I’m giving it an upgrade or version 2.0.  I have added 2 parts from Adafruit.   First is this solar charger piece, and second is this solar panel.  We already had this 2500 mAh battery.

Last year I couldn’t quite get the code to sleep properly. Now I have updated the JeeNode in the greenhouse to sleep, almost a minute at a time.  This should extend the battery life greatly, hopefully at least a month at a time.  See the code below if you are interested.

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September 13, 2014

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I was deciding if I should plunge into 3D printing or drones.  I’ve been completely distracted by quadcopters and am now attempting to build one.

A quadcopter combined with a GoPro camera is a great way to take aerial photos.

I am trying to build a Hoverthings Flip FPV Pro Gimbal using a Pixhawk from 3D Robotics as the brain.

For those just getting started in quadcopters or drones, DIY Drones or Drones Are Fun are good places to start.

Below is a sample picture of a quadcopter from Flickr.

FPV quadcopter

Photo by Steve Lodefink from Flickr


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