Cat Camera & Email

April 7, 2011

friendWho wouldn’t want to get an email from their cat?
This is a project from the book Making Things Talk by Tom Igoe. It is designed to send you an email when a cat lies on it’s bed. It will then upload the latest live photo of the cat to a webpage and direct you there through the email. Since we don’t have a cat, we will be installing this at our friend Tammy’s house and using her cat Blixa.

Project Status

2/10/09 Email component is now working.
2/13/09 Program is now reading input from Arduino and sending mail. Waiting for sensors to arrive.
2/14/09 Created webpage for Blixa.
2/17/09 Upgraded PHP email to HTML and BCC so email addresses are not revealed. Sensors arrived.
2/20/09 Configured camera and added auto Twitter to PHP code. Blixa will now also Tweet.
3/7/09 Tried setting it up at Tammy’s house, but no go. Her computer runs OSX 10.4 and for some reason is incompatible. Trying to find a solution without upgrading to 10.5.
3/22/09 Installed everything on Betsy’s old Dell running XP. Seems to work. A few more tweaks and it should work.
4/15/09 Success! Project completed. This project ran for a few weeks and then we needed to take it down.


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