April 13, 2011

frontAutobot Home Monitoring System

This is a system that uses 2 Arduinos. One for connecting to the internet with a WiShield and one for an LCD screen.
It has home and away mode. The green light on the left indicates away mode and is activated by the button in the middle.
The red light indicates that you are connected to your home network.

Home or away mode is also indicated on the screen as well as the date and time. It checks itself once a day and sends you an email.
When in away mode, it sends you an email twice a day.
If a sensor is tripped while in away mode, it sends you an email and a notification to your cell phone via a service called Notifo.

The idea here is to have 3 sensors (1 for each floor) and if one is triggered, that means something is moving in your house that shouldn’t be because you are away, so you are notified.

Project Status
2/6/11 Nearing completion.
To do:
1. Add 2 more sensors.
2. Add temperature sensor to monitor if heat is on etc..
3. Add sensor near box to turn screen on if motion detected in home mode.
Then turn screen off after a set period if no motion is detected to save energy.
4. Add private web page with stats

Another side project with my laptop
Add webcam on computer to upload images if motion detected.

3/1/11 Second sensor added

3/15/11 – Web page done


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