Silvertone “Radio”

May 2, 2011

Silvertone radioHere is a project i did last summer and am pleased with.  I found an old Silvertone radio at a flea market.

I took it apart and put in an Arduino and a WAV Shield from Adafruit. Now when you turn in on, it automatically plays 15 different songs in a random order.  I even managed to use the original on/off wheel. Great to have music that just works.  Sure, I have an iPod, but this just works.  No looking for headphones or having to plug the iPod in to charge it.

The only drag is I had to convert all of the songs into the WAV format.

I may try this with another radio.  If I do it again, I would attach a potentiometer to the tuning dial and have different radio “stations”.  One station for rock, one for reggae, one for indie, etc..  There was not enough room in this radio for a potentiometer.

Radio Inside


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  1. […] a MP3 player.  The idea here is to use an Arduino and an MP3 shield to make a better version of my Silvertone “radio”.  You have 1 on and off button, 1 selector button and a volume knob.  The idea here is you have […]

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