Sheep Doorbell

May 8, 2011

Wav With SpeakerExcited to start a new project.  A friend of Tammy’s owns a yarn shop and would like to leave her door open, but needs some kind of warning when customers enter.  Thus began the Sheep Doorbell Project

5/1 Ordered parts.

5/4  Received some parts including the Wave Shield from Adafruit and an Arduino.

The WAVE Shield s is what makes the sounds and the Arduino is basically the brain.

5/6 Start assembling the Wave Shield.  First picture on the left is the kit parts. The picture to the right  is when the kit is about 1/3 done. Bottom left it is all done.  In the last picture you can see it hooked up to batteries with a speaker.  Works great!  Depending on speaker placement, I may use a different speaker with long wires.

5/7 Took me about 2 1/2 hours to solder this kit together.

Found sheep sounds online and converted them to WAV files.  Then put them onto an SD card.  This is the same card found inside most digital cameras

It will play a random sheep sound each time a person breaks the sensors path.

Now just waiting for the sensor to arrive and thinking of final ideas.  Possibly sticking this all inside a Serta Sheep.

5/11 Received more parts, specifically the speaker and the sensor.  Soldered wires to the speaker and add a jst cable to the sensor.  Gave them both a quick test and they work fine.  Now to finish the code.

6/2 – Shaun the Sheep has arrived!

Time for the final assembly this weekend.  Can you say sheep surgery 5 times fast?

6/5 Cut open Shaun and removed some stuffing.  Poke hole through nose and sewed Sharp distance sensor onto the nose and pulled wires through to the back.  Stuffed Arduino and Adafruit Wave shield into an Altoids tin.  Soldered distance sensor and speaker to Wave shield.  Used Velcro tabs to button up the back. Put Shaun into position and plug in.  Wait a few seconds as maximum distance is calculated.

Shaun Arduino Code (pdf file)

7/8 We made it onto Adafruit!

7/9 Entered Instructables contest.

Untitled from todd on Vimeo.



  1. […] Sheep Doorbell… Todd writes – Just wanted to say I love your Wave shield for the Arduino.  It so so easy to put together.  A friend need a doorbell of sorts for her yarn store, so I put your Wave shield inside a Shaun The Sheep from Wallace & Gromit.  Along with a distance sensor she now has a sheep doorbell!  Thanks again for all the great examples, tutorials and products.  You can see the project here… Filed under: arduino — by adafruit, posted June 8, 2011 at 12:56 pm Comments (0) […]

  2. I love it – that’s a great project!

  3. This is awesome! This would make a great addition to Instructables Microcontroller Contest going on now. You should totally enter it!


    Tech Editor

    • Thanks Laura. I have just entered.

  4. Where did you find that white speaker that plugs directly into the jack?

    • I’ve had it so long I forget. Maybe an apple store?

      Todd Miller

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