Purse LED

June 16, 2011

Purse SwitchLast year I had an idea to put an LED inside a purse so you could see inside it at night.

I had a lot of help from the Adafruit forums and ended up with a cool little circuit.

The main idea being you would solder one wire to each side of some magnetic snaps.

The circuit would be closed and turn the light off when the snaps were locked together.  The two wires going off to the left would be soldered onto the snaps.

Opening the snaps would turn the light on. Using an LED, a coin cell battery, resistors and transistors (I think 2N2222 npn transistor), I made the circuit shown here.

This definitely needs further examination.  I also imagine a nicely stitched design on the inside of the purse.  Possibly a flower with the LED in the middle and the wires behind the stem going to s small pocket for the battery & circuit.

We like the purses from Pansy Maiden.


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