Weather Station Project

August 3, 2011

My latest project is a weather station.  I have made a base station using a LCD screen, Prototino (an Arduino with holes for soldering), Xbee series 2 radio and an old cigar box.  Previously I had the LCD screen breadboarded to a regular Arduino and it constantly gave me problems.  Since I devised a way to solder it into the Prototino is is very stable.  I am using pre-crimped wires and crimp connectors to go from the LCD to the Prototino.  This makes the Prototino easily detachable from the LCD screen.  I am also heat shrink wrapping the wire end that get soldered into the Prototino as the metal ends are fairly long and may bump into each other.

The other half to this project is a Xbee series 2 radio inside a Stevenson shield that is outside my house.  Inside it is a temperature sensor, a light sensor and a humidity sensor.  As you can see in the picture,  I can’t seem to get the humidity sensor to work right with the other sensors.  More testing is needed.

Eventually I hope to add more sensors like an an anemometer, rain sensor and wind direction.

Click through for more photos.


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