Thermal Printer

August 31, 2011

I recently had an idea for a future project and want to get it down before I forget details.

I want to use a thermal printer to print fortunes as from a fortune cookie.

I previously made a Fortune Teller, using an lcd screen.  I thought it might be fun for an art opening or other event to give people something to take home.  The idea is to use the original Fortune Teller as a basis, but substitute the thermal printer for the lcd screen. You could print the date, time and event name as well as the fortune. I would also like to make a case that looks like a fortune cookie, maybe using something like Shape Lock.

The idea came about after seeing a post on bildr.  They have created a thermal printer library for Arduino .  You can buy the printer on Sparkfun for about $49.

A later second part to the project could be to also have a screen hang on the wall and show the fortune as it is printed.


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