Thermal Printer Arrived

November 2, 2011

Thermal PrinterThe thermal printer arrived and I already have it working along with a momentary button.  Push the button and get a fortune!

I found the example code from Sparkfun helpful in debugging one issue I had.  Now to make the rest of project.

I need to hookup an LCD and make a case.  For the case I may try to do a Chinese takeout box style container instead of a fortune cookie shape.

I may also try to add a second Arduino along with a Wave shield and a speaker to provide some arcade style sounds.

See my previous thoughts on this project.

Click through for any updates.

Update 11/5

Here s the code I am using, Fortune Teller Code.  Also, I am using this 5v 2000mAH power supply to power the printer and this arcade style momentary button.

Next up is connecting a 16 X 2 LCD, used to prompt the participant to press the button for a fortune.

Update 11/6

I had a 20X4 LCD screen and was able to make it work.

Basically it switches between two screens and has a third screen for when you push the button.

Update 12/6

Using a RBB Pro from Modern Device as the brains. Hoping to solder it into Adafruit’s new perma proto board.  Added a real time clock, 4 leds and a speaker.  Now when you get a fortune it plays a little tune and has the date on the fortune.

Next up is building a case and soldering it together.

Check out the short video.

Thermal Printer from todd on Vimeo.


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