LED Jam Jar Light

February 6, 2012

Circuit & JarCleaning part of our basement revealed some empty jam jars. I decided to put them to use and make an LED light with parts I had lying around.
I first I soaked the jars in warm water to remove the labels. I then cut a hole in the lid for the switch and spray painted the lid green. Then I soldered a small circuit onto an Adafruit proto board, cut of the proto board corners to fit inside the lid and glued the circuit into the lid.

Almost instant LED emergency light.  These might be good for our deck at night in the summer. I’m going to make a few more and play around with adding more LEDs.

Next time I will put the switch on top as it didn’t quite fit on the side.
The circuit uses the following parts:
Proto board from Adafruit
1 coin cell battery
1 battery holder
1 resistor
1 switch

Click through for more pictures.


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