Rotating Plant Stand

February 26, 2012

Using a stepper motor and an H-Bridge motor driver I am creating a rotating plant stand.  Hopefully I will have it rotate fully once every couple of days.

My plants tend to lean toward the window if I don’t rotate them.

So  far, I’ve got the H-Bridge hooked up and the motor working with the Arduino examples.

 One of the gears I took out of the old VHS player fits snugly on the motor shaft.  I will use this to drive another gear in the center of the bottom of plank of wood.

I will also use some rubber rollers from an old cassette tape mechanism.  This will help hold the weight, so it is not all on the large central gear.

Shown here are the parts, now to cut some wood and put it together.



  1. […] almost done with the rotating plant stand.  See my previous post Rotating Plant Stand for more […]

  2. Very creative, engineering.

    I have an idea / project I’d like to talk with you about.

    Dan Lehrman. 561 503 1403

    Orlando Florida

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