Zen Radio

April 6, 2012

A while back I bought an old Zenith 645 radio at a flea market for $20.

I finally had time to convert it into an MP3 player.  I love music but don’t listen to the radio much because of all the annoying ads or crappy music.

For this project I created an MP3 “radio” with 4 channels that have 15 songs per channels and can easily add more songs.

The channels are New Wave, Rock, Reggae, Ambient, with one extra piece of music that is the static between each channel.

I kept the large speaker in the radio and the dials,  just replacing the electronics. I also added a blue LED as an on/off indicator.  The light shows up around the on/off volume dial.

I also replace the D battery enclosure with 6 AA batteries.

Here is my parts list:

1. Arduino Uno

2 Mp3 Shield

3. 10k Pot with switch – the on off and volume switch

4. 10k Pot – the dial or station tuner

5. Blue LED

6. SD Card where songs are stored.

7. 200 ohm resistor – for LED

8. Large cheap proto board for attaching pots and Arduino to

9. Small Adafruit proto board for pot to board connections.

10. Speaker inside radio

11. 6AA batteries and holder

You can check out the code on Github.


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