Standalone Arduino

May 29, 2012

Stand Alone ArduinoRecently I purchased enough parts to make 10 Arduinos, following this tutorial.

The reason for this is that you get a price break on most parts when buying 10 or more.

Because of this, I was able to get the cost of each one to under $10, not including some parts I already had.  This will save me a lot of money in the long run.

I bought my parts from Jameco for about $70, not including the board, power socket or LED. I already had these parts.

15405 CAP,CERM,DISC,22pF,50V,20% 10 0.07 .70
51262 IC,7805T,TO-220FP, 10 0.25 2.50
94212 @ CAP,RADIAL,10uF,25V 10 0.10 1.00
112222 @ SOCKET,IC,16PIN,DUAL WIPE, 10 0.19 1.90
112299 @ SOCKET,IC,28 PIN,.300″,TIN, 10 0.24 2.40
119011 SWITCH,PB,TACT,SPST,OFF-(ON) 10 0.25 2.50
137891 CRY,16.000MHz,50ppm(ABL-208) 10 0.35 3.50
2129334 IC,MCU,ATMEGA328,32K FLASH, 10 4.95 49.50
Shipping:  6.51
Total:  70.51

The most expensive parts I used were the Atmega328 ($4.95 each with bootloader), the proto board from adafruit ($4.16 each), the power socket ($2.84 each).

You could save more money buy buying the Atmega328 without the bootloader, not using the nice Adafruit proto boards, doing away with the power socket and not using the 28 pin IC Socket.

I think I got a fare tradeoff between good deal of savings and ease of use.  I really didn’t want to mess around with Atmega328’s without the bootloader.

I probably spent $13 – $14 on the one in the photo. My main weakness is the really nice Adafruit proto boards. Considering a new Uno is $29.95 I didn’t do too bad.


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  1. […] Adafruit customer Todd posted a nice writeup on creating standalone Arduinos using our Perma-Proto b… Recently I purchased enough parts to make 10 Arduinos, following this tutorial. […]

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