Weather Station Part Two

July 3, 2012

ArduinoI finished a few more items on my weather station. It now has temperature, wind speed, wind direction and rain fall.

I added an Adafruit  proto shield so I could plug my wires in easier. I bought the blank PCB of the  shield as I already had headers and a few other parts lying around.

I may eventually solder the wires to the shield but for now want to be able to remove them if needed.

I also cut a few holes in a cigar box to put the project inside.    I think finding old cigar boxes at flea markets is a pretty inexpensive way to get a decent project box .

I also decided to use a Stevenson Shield I had built a while back to house the temperature sensor.  This is basically a bird house size object with metal grates  for the sides to allow air flow and protect the sensor from the elements.

The data is flowing to Cosm.com (formerly Pachube).

Now to decide what to do with the data and make it look pretty.  Here is what a week of temperature readings looks like.  As you can see it has been pretty hot.


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