December 10, 2012
Clock Front

Clock Front

I just finished making a clock for my work area using a 7 segment display,   RTC (real time clock) and the RTC library.  The nice thing about using this RTC is that it has a backup battery so if you lose power, it still maintains the time.

I already had a standalone Arduino not being used, so I just used that. The code could use some work, but it works for now.

Fairly easy setup.  Both the RTC and the 7 segment display use 12c to communicate with the Arduino.  Because they have different addresses this is ok.  Adafruit has this handy chart of a lot of sensors and things and what their addresses are.    The 7 segment display I used has an address of 0x70 and that is not yet on the chart, but can be found in the library RTClib.

If I ever get a 3D printer, this would be a good project to make a case for.


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  1. […] Check out this neat seven segment LED clock project using a variety of Adafruit components. […]

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