Air Quality Egg

January 7, 2013

Air Quality EggFinally received my Kickstarter backed Air Quality Egg.  This project uses an Arduino like board to measure the temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide(NO2).

You have one egg shaped device that is your base station and hooks up to your internet router.  The second egg shaped sensor you hang outside and it contains all the sensors that measure your air quality.

The data is uploaded to Cosm.com.  You can see my feed at https://cosm.com/feeds/96118.  Right now you need to look at the data on Cosm, but eventually they will have a cool website called airqualityegg.com

There currently is a known issue with the temperature reading as it won’t give negative numbers.  This has been fixed in the software, but you need to download it and then reload software onto both your base station and your sensor station.   See the Wicked Device forum for details.  I am waiting for someone else to try this first before I try to fix my setup.

All in all, a pretty easy setup and a nice job done by the folks behind this.  I can’t wait to see what people do with the data.


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