Mood Light

February 10, 2013

I still had a TLC5940 chip from an older project and wanted to make a  simple mood light with some RGB LEDs. This light has 3 colors plus off. Of course you can add more coloring mixing and other changes to the different modes instead of just one color.

You can get the code from GitHub
Parts need for this are:
1. Arduino
2. TLC5940 chip
3. 4 RGB LEDs
5. Pushbutton
6. 2 10k resistors
7. 1 2k resistor

To wire this up, I followed this TLC5940 diagram.
Then add the button. One pushbutton wire to pin 2 and one wire to +5V
Also put a 10K resistor attached to pin 2 from ground.

Obviously this is only a simple version and you can make it much more complex.
One thought I had was trying to stick it an an old desk lamp from a thrift store.


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