Jeenodes Weather

January 5, 2014

Yesterday I deployed a Jeenode and a tmp36 temperature sensor.

To power this setup , I used a lipo 1200 mAH battery and a lipo solar charger from Adafruit. I already had a 6 W solar panel.

I am receiving the data inside on a receiving Jeenode with a real time clock and a 20X4 LCD screen.

I still have to add the rain and wind sensors and also plan on setting up a room node (inside temp and humidity along with a PIR sensor).

I wonder how long the battery will last with the solar panel?  Update- 12 days, see below.

1/18 update

The outside weather node lasted 12 days.  It has been pretty cloudy / rainy and generally yucky around here lately, so I’m not sure how much the solar panel helped.

I have recharged the battery to 4.17 volts and actually adjusted the code for longer intervals between sending information.  It was deployed this morning around 9:45 – 10:00 am. We shall see how long it lasts now.

I have also added an indoor Room Node with temperature, humidity, light level and a PIR motion sensor.  I have put it in a black cardboard box with a battery and cut a hole for the sensors to stick out of.  The main receiver with LCD screen automatically switches between showing the outside  and inside stats every 15 seconds.  Also, if the receiving node does not get a transmission from a node for 2 1/2 minutes, it shows the battery level as bad.  This means I need to recharge the battery.

All the code can be found on GitHub.



  1. Hello, would the code you used for the tx & rx, lcd be available? Thanks, by the way I think the project is great.

  2. Hi Bob, let me figure out a way to upload them.
    Hopefully later on today.

  3. Bob, the code can found on GitHub https://github.com/ElectricProjects/Miller-House

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