Digital RGB LED Strip

February 6, 2014

Using 2 meters of Digital RGB LED Weatherproof Strip from Adafruit I am making some artwork for our dining room. Also using a picture frame with a 12″ square opening, I cut the LEDs into 8 strips with 8 LEDs on each one and began soldering them together.

I prototyped it on an Arduino Uno but will be using a RBB Board for the permanent installation because of it’s size.

Because I have so many LEDs, I used this 5v 4A power supply  along with these handy connectors.  I added power to both ends as power from one end is only good for about a meter.  If I didn’t add power to the other end, I would have brownouts or LEDs doing odd things.

This is the first time I’ve used an LED strip or so many LEDs.  It looks much better in person than in the video below.  I was trying to have a blue field that randomly changes one LED at a time to other blue / green tones.

Since it is so close to Valetnine’s Day, I added a secret Valentine’s mode.  Just push the small button on the side and it goes into Valentine’s mode for a minute and then back to the original blue green pattern.  Valentine’s mode shows a red heart on a white background, then switches to white on red.

LEDS3 from todd on Vimeo.

Update on 2/15 – more photos


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