Arduino Day

March 29, 2015

Yesterday we went to Arduino Day at MIT and learned what is coming down the Arduino pipeline.

Massimo Banzi announced two main things.  First, soon you will be able to access the Arduino IDE through your web browser.  This looks really cool.

Secondly, Arduino is working on a modular or plug and play system named Eslov.  This would make it easier and quicker for people to make devices.


We also saw a demo of the Yun by Tom Igoe and a demo of  Temboo  both of which were amazing.

Temboo is an easy way to interface a lot of API’s like Dropbox, Yahoo Weather, NOAA and works well with the Arduino Yun. In the demo a service called Nexo was used to access a cellphone.  You put your Nexmo credentials into Temboo and Temboo creates all the Arduino code for you right then, just upload it to your Arduino.

In the demo a distance sensor was used to trigger the Arduino which then called the cell phone by going through Temboo & Nexmo.  A button was pushed on the phone to respond to the call and this triggered an led to light up on the Arduino.  Very interesting stuff.


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