Weather Station

June 23, 2015

I’ve been working on updating my weather station.

The new setup is as follows.

Two Jeenodes outside to a Jeenode inside, which is connected by 12C to a Yun.

See more details and some photos below.

The outside Jeenodes are connected to sensors for temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, barometric pressure and light. They are powered by 2500 mAh batteries connected to this charger and then a solar panel.

The Jeenode inside connected to a 20×4 LCD screen which displays the weather stats.

The Yun saves all the data on an SD card and also provides a web page in case you are not near the screen.

I’ve got most of it working but still need to fix the anemometer as the wind speed isn’t quite right yet.  Also some of the web pages need a little tweaking.
As you can see it is very humid today.


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