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Miffy Lamp

July 6, 2015


Recently while in NYC I spotted the Miffy Lamp in a store window.
Since it only used white colored LEDs, I decided to replace them with a Neopixel Ring from Adafruit. This ring has 12 RGB LEDs and Adafruit’s sample code had me up and running in no time.

I also paired it with a Jeenode so I could get the weather from my weather station.
I also needed a level shifter as the Jeenode is 3.3 v and the Neopixel runs on 5v.

The last part I added was a 1k pot so I could dim the light.

The bottom already had 3 screw holes and the main hole.  I didn’t need to make any new holes, just make the existing ones bigger.  I put everything inside and screwed down the pot, adding a knob.  I also cut plastic cover from scrap and screwed it in place.

Now I have a Miffy Lamp in my living room that automatically changes it’s color based on the temperature.

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Weather Station

June 23, 2015

I’ve been working on updating my weather station.

The new setup is as follows.

Two Jeenodes outside to a Jeenode inside, which is connected by 12C to a Yun.

See more details and some photos below.
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Arduino Day

March 28, 2015

ArduinoWhat are you doing for Arduino Day?

Use code ARDUNIODAY at for a 10% discount.

Sparkfun is also discounting Arduino items up to 30%.

Official website and where to find events near you.



Starter Kit

March 8, 2015

I’ve created a starter kit for a young girl’s birthday present.

I included the speaker for one of the projects in the book and the photosresistor because it is an easy way to see cause and effect.  The ABC (Arduino Basic Connections Book) is excellent and from an Indiegogo campaign by pighixx.  I can’t find the book anymore, but his website is excellent and has mostly the same info.

Have I missed anything or is there something else you would include?

1. Arduino Uno
2. Super Sylvia’s Awesome Project Book 2
3. Arduino Basic Connections book
4. Hookup Wire
5. Red, green & yellow 5mm LEDs
6. Half size and small bread board
7. 150 oh, 1k & 10k resistors
8. 10k potentiometer aka pot
9. Photoresistor
10. Breadboard friendly pushbuttons
11. Breadboard friendly speaker
12. 6xAA battery holder with plug soldered (it comes un soldered)
13. Cable to connect USB to Arduino

Click through for some photos

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Arduino Day

February 27, 2015

Arduino Day is coming on 3/28/15.  Find an activity near you.

Arduino Day 2015



February 15, 2015

Wanting a clock for my work area, I made one using a ChronoDot RTC , or real time clock, and a 7 segment display.  I had the box custom 3d printed on  The lid slides off, out the back.

I used an old Arduino Deumilanove because I will need to change the time for daylight savings and want an easy way to do that.  If I had used one of my stand alone Arduinos, that would mean removing the chip and putting in another Arduino and then updating the time from the computer.  This way I can just connect the clock to the computer without the need to remove the chip.

I also added a light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the display.



November 21, 2013


I’ve been working on a holiday present for my sister which is a temperature monitor for her greenhouse.  Originally I wanted to use  Xbee radios as I had tried them before and have Rob Faludi’s book Building Wireless Sensor Networks.

I recently discovered JeeNodes and decided to give them a try instead as I had found Xbee radios not the easiest to work with.  What you get for roughly $22 is a small Ardunio based on the Really Bare Bones Board with a radio.  Made by JeeLabs with an extensive library that can be found on Github. Read the rest of this entry ?