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April 18, 2013

FLORA ExperimentI’m starting to experiment with FLORA from Adafruit and clothing.
The platform is easy to use so far, but for some reason I have to unplug it from my computer and plug it back in before a sketch will upload.

The idea here is to use a light sensor to turn on an LED in the suit jacket pocket when it is dark outside.  Potentially I might put more LEDs under the collar.

Some random thoughts or ideas in this vein. Can you use snaps as an on/off switch?  Can zippers conduct electricity and if so, can they be used as switches as well?  How about metal buttons? Assuming you can by waterproof LED strips, how about making a bicycle turn signal jacket with buttons / activators in the garment cuff?  Or a running jacket that lights up at dusk so drivers and other people can more easily see you? How do you make any of this removable so the garment can be washed?

Another vein would be to include GPS and Adafruit does make a GPS sensor for use with FLORA.  We especially like the No Place Like Home Shoes.  The GPS is activated by a heel click and indicates the way home through LEDs.