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Miffy Lamp

July 6, 2015


Recently while in NYC I spotted the Miffy Lamp in a store window.
Since it only used white colored LEDs, I decided to replace them with a Neopixel Ring from Adafruit. This ring has 12 RGB LEDs and Adafruit’s sample code had me up and running in no time.

I also paired it with a Jeenode so I could get the weather from my weather station.
I also needed a level shifter as the Jeenode is 3.3 v and the Neopixel runs on 5v.

The last part I added was a 1k pot so I could dim the light.

The bottom already had 3 screw holes and the main hole.  I didn’t need to make any new holes, just make the existing ones bigger.  I put everything inside and screwed down the pot, adding a knob.  I also cut plastic cover from scrap and screwed it in place.

Now I have a Miffy Lamp in my living room that automatically changes it’s color based on the temperature.

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Weather Station

June 23, 2015

I’ve been working on updating my weather station.

The new setup is as follows.

Two Jeenodes outside to a Jeenode inside, which is connected by 12C to a Yun.

See more details and some photos below.
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JeeNodes Update

December 7, 2014

Last year for Christmas I gave my sister a green house monitor made out of 2 JeeNodes and LCD screen and some leds.  See the post  about it here.   Basically a JeeNode is a small Arduino with a radio added.JeeNode v6 -2

I works great, but the battery life on the JeeNode in the greenhouse didn’t last long.  Reportedly it lasted 2 to 3 days. This year I’m giving it an upgrade or version 2.0.  I have added 2 parts from Adafruit.   First is this solar charger piece, and second is this solar panel.  We already had this 2500 mAh battery.

Last year I couldn’t quite get the code to sleep properly. Now I have updated the JeeNode in the greenhouse to sleep, almost a minute at a time.  This should extend the battery life greatly, hopefully at least a month at a time.  See the code below if you are interested.

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Jeenodes Weather

January 5, 2014

Yesterday I deployed a Jeenode and a tmp36 temperature sensor.

To power this setup , I used a lipo 1200 mAH battery and a lipo solar charger from Adafruit. I already had a 6 W solar panel.

I am receiving the data inside on a receiving Jeenode with a real time clock and a 20X4 LCD screen.

I still have to add the rain and wind sensors and also plan on setting up a room node (inside temp and humidity along with a PIR sensor).

I wonder how long the battery will last with the solar panel?  Update- 12 days, see below.

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November 21, 2013


I’ve been working on a holiday present for my sister which is a temperature monitor for her greenhouse.  Originally I wanted to use  Xbee radios as I had tried them before and have Rob Faludi’s book Building Wireless Sensor Networks.

I recently discovered JeeNodes and decided to give them a try instead as I had found Xbee radios not the easiest to work with.  What you get for roughly $22 is a small Ardunio based on the Really Bare Bones Board with a radio.  Made by JeeLabs with an extensive library that can be found on Github. Read the rest of this entry ?