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Miffy Lamp

July 6, 2015


Recently while in NYC I spotted the Miffy Lamp in a store window.
Since it only used white colored LEDs, I decided to replace them with a Neopixel Ring from Adafruit. This ring has 12 RGB LEDs and Adafruit’s sample code had me up and running in no time.

I also paired it with a Jeenode so I could get the weather from my weather station.
I also needed a level shifter as the Jeenode is 3.3 v and the Neopixel runs on 5v.

The last part I added was a 1k pot so I could dim the light.

The bottom already had 3 screw holes and the main hole.  I didn’t need to make any new holes, just make the existing ones bigger.  I put everything inside and screwed down the pot, adding a knob.  I also cut plastic cover from scrap and screwed it in place.

Now I have a Miffy Lamp in my living room that automatically changes it’s color based on the temperature.

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Digital RGB LED Strip

February 6, 2014

Using 2 meters of Digital RGB LED Weatherproof Strip from Adafruit I am making some artwork for our dining room. Also using a picture frame with a 12″ square opening, I cut the LEDs into 8 strips with 8 LEDs on each one and began soldering them together.

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Eat Sign

August 10, 2013

EatRecently while on vacation I picked up two plastic letters and one metal one spelling EAT.

I am starting to make a sign for my kitchen using 2 TLC5940 chips and roughly 15 – 30 leds.  The exact number of leds I need is still to be determined. How to wire up the TLC5940 can be found here.

The letters will be slightly raised off the backing panel, allowing light from the leds to show.  I will be drilling holes through the backing panel and inserting the leds from behind.

The general idea is to use a photo resistor so the sign automatically comes on when dark enough.

I will also have a push button on the side so you can toggle through different modes.  Right now I have 3 modes.  Normal mode turns on one LED at at a time until all are lit up.  Blink mode blinks all the lights. Fade mode fades the leds up, down and up again, finally leaving them on at full brightness.

Check out the short video for the set up and the 3 modes.  In the video I am covering the photo resistor to get the lights to go on and then pushing the button to toggle through the modes.

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April 18, 2013

FLORA ExperimentI’m starting to experiment with FLORA from Adafruit and clothing.
The platform is easy to use so far, but for some reason I have to unplug it from my computer and plug it back in before a sketch will upload.

The idea here is to use a light sensor to turn on an LED in the suit jacket pocket when it is dark outside.  Potentially I might put more LEDs under the collar.

Some random thoughts or ideas in this vein. Can you use snaps as an on/off switch?  Can zippers conduct electricity and if so, can they be used as switches as well?  How about metal buttons? Assuming you can by waterproof LED strips, how about making a bicycle turn signal jacket with buttons / activators in the garment cuff?  Or a running jacket that lights up at dusk so drivers and other people can more easily see you? How do you make any of this removable so the garment can be washed?

Another vein would be to include GPS and Adafruit does make a GPS sensor for use with FLORA.  We especially like the No Place Like Home Shoes.  The GPS is activated by a heel click and indicates the way home through LEDs.


Mood Light

February 10, 2013

I still had a TLC5940 chip from an older project and wanted to make a  simple mood light with some RGB LEDs. This light has 3 colors plus off. Of course you can add more coloring mixing and other changes to the different modes instead of just one color.

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LED Jam Jar Light Part 2

February 19, 2012

3 LED LightContinuing on with the jam jar theme I wanted to make a 3 led light.  Here I decided to use 2 lids glued together so I had somewhere to mount the on / off switch. I mounted the switch in a hole cut in the top lid and drilled a holed in the second lid for the wires to go through.

While the lid has a coating on the inside, I needed to use electrical tape on the inside to prevent any short circuits.

Now, the light works great, but I have no idea ho long the battery will last with 3 leds.

Next up, I want to try making a desk lamp using 2 jars and a power supply plugged into a wall socket.  In this case I would use a lot more leds.


LED Jam Jar Light

February 6, 2012

Circuit & JarCleaning part of our basement revealed some empty jam jars. I decided to put them to use and make an LED light with parts I had lying around.
I first I soaked the jars in warm water to remove the labels. I then cut a hole in the lid for the switch and spray painted the lid green. Then I soldered a small circuit onto an Adafruit proto board, cut of the proto board corners to fit inside the lid and glued the circuit into the lid.

Almost instant LED emergency light.  These might be good for our deck at night in the summer. I’m going to make a few more and play around with adding more LEDs.

Next time I will put the switch on top as it didn’t quite fit on the side.
The circuit uses the following parts:
Proto board from Adafruit
1 coin cell battery
1 battery holder
1 resistor
1 switch

Click through for more pictures.

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