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Starter Kit

March 8, 2015

I’ve created a starter kit for a young girl’s birthday present.

I included the speaker for one of the projects in the book and the photosresistor because it is an easy way to see cause and effect.  The ABC (Arduino Basic Connections Book) is excellent and from an Indiegogo campaign by pighixx.  I can’t find the book anymore, but his website is excellent and has mostly the same info.

Have I missed anything or is there something else you would include?

1. Arduino Uno
2. Super Sylvia’s Awesome Project Book 2
3. Arduino Basic Connections book
4. Hookup Wire
5. Red, green & yellow 5mm LEDs
6. Half size and small bread board
7. 150 oh, 1k & 10k resistors
8. 10k potentiometer aka pot
9. Photoresistor
10. Breadboard friendly pushbuttons
11. Breadboard friendly speaker
12. 6xAA battery holder with plug soldered (it comes un soldered)
13. Cable to connect USB to Arduino

Click through for some photos

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