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Lucky Panda Fortune Teller

January 16, 2012

Lucky PandaI finally finished this project. I had previously made a much smaller version with only a LCD screen, but no printer as they were not available at the time.

First I started out getting the thermal printer to work with an Arduino and a LCD screen.

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Fortune Teller

January 5, 2012

I’m almost done with the thermal printer and the Fortune Teller.
I will have a full write up soon. Here is a sneak peek photo of the top part of it.
Fortune Teller


Thermal Printer Arrived

November 2, 2011

Thermal PrinterThe thermal printer arrived and I already have it working along with a momentary button.  Push the button and get a fortune!

I found the example code from Sparkfun helpful in debugging one issue I had.  Now to make the rest of project.

I need to hookup an LCD and make a case.  For the case I may try to do a Chinese takeout box style container instead of a fortune cookie shape.

I may also try to add a second Arduino along with a Wave shield and a speaker to provide some arcade style sounds.

See my previous thoughts on this project.

Click through for any updates.

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