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Eat Sign Done

October 1, 2013

Finally finished my EAT sign. It has 3 modes you can click through using the button on the side. Mode one lights up one led at a time, mode 2 blinks all the led’s and mode 3 fades all the leds up and down.

I used a standalone arduino and 2 TLC 5940 chips plus 23 leds.
Here is my complete parts list.

1. 3 letters from junk store
2. plywood for base of sign
3. 2 Adafruit proto boards.
4. 2 TLC5940 chips
5. 1 photocell to know when it is dark enough.
6. 1 momentary pushbutton
7. 23 10.3CD leds
8. led mounts
9. Some resistors
10. Lots of wire
11. Paint
12. Wooden Dowel Pins

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Eat Sign

August 10, 2013

EatRecently while on vacation I picked up two plastic letters and one metal one spelling EAT.

I am starting to make a sign for my kitchen using 2 TLC5940 chips and roughly 15 – 30 leds.  The exact number of leds I need is still to be determined. How to wire up the TLC5940 can be found here.

The letters will be slightly raised off the backing panel, allowing light from the leds to show.  I will be drilling holes through the backing panel and inserting the leds from behind.

The general idea is to use a photo resistor so the sign automatically comes on when dark enough.

I will also have a push button on the side so you can toggle through different modes.  Right now I have 3 modes.  Normal mode turns on one LED at at a time until all are lit up.  Blink mode blinks all the lights. Fade mode fades the leds up, down and up again, finally leaving them on at full brightness.

Check out the short video for the set up and the 3 modes.  In the video I am covering the photo resistor to get the lights to go on and then pushing the button to toggle through the modes.

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Mood Light

February 10, 2013

I still had a TLC5940 chip from an older project and wanted to make a  simple mood light with some RGB LEDs. This light has 3 colors plus off. Of course you can add more coloring mixing and other changes to the different modes instead of just one color.

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Mastermind Update

October 23, 2012

This project is taking a little longer than I thought. Added a button and LCD screen and have most of it working. Now trying to get it all to fit into an old cigar box. I think I will leave the sides of the box alone, but will probably decorate the top somehow. Read the rest of this entry ?


Arduino, TLC5940 & PN532 NFC/ RFID Shield

September 7, 2012


I’m finally getting somewhere with the Mastermind project.

I discovered that creating tones was effecting Pin 3 on the Deicimilia, which is used for the TLC5940, so I switched to using an Arduino Mega 2560. Of course the pins on a Mega are different from a Diecimilia, so I had to work that out too.

I created this little chart of what pins go where when from the TLC5940 to the Deicimilia & Mega 2560 I currently have.  Click on it to make it bigger.  Remeber you need to use the TLC5940 library with this.

The basic game play will be as follows.  Turn the game and and the LEDs light up in a particular pattern then they turn off.

The Arduino picks a random color for each of 4 LEDs.

You have a limited number of turns to guess this what color each LED is.  You select one color for each of the 4 LEDs per turn as your guess.  This is done buy selecting an RFID tag and waving it over the appropriate place.  Each tag will be labelled with a different color.

The game will tell you if you have any correct guesses and if any of them are in the correct place by lighting up the remaining LEDs as indicators.  Keep guessing until you get it right or run out of turns.

Of course I will need to make a nice case for it, probably out of an old cigar box, and still need to add an LCD screen.  Currently instructions and game play is being printed to the serial monitor.

See my previous post Mastermind Game Idea.

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